Why Is Water So Important?

Spring is right around the corner and outdoor activities will increase.  With increased activity and sweat, our bodies will need more water.  Why is it so important that we drink water? 
We need water to: 
>help move food through the digestive tract
>carry nutrients and eliminate waste products
>maintain body temperature
>help prevent kidney stones 
More than half of the weight of the body is water.  Our bodies lose about 2-3 quarts of water every day.  And if you are exercising or doing physical work in the heat, the loss can be much more. 
Water needs vary depending on weight, age sex, calorie needs, level of fitness, activity level, health and temperature and humidity.  For a quick estimate, experts at the Mayo Clinic recommend dividing weight (in pounds) by two to calculate daily water needs (in ounces).  For example:  to calculate the fluid needs of a 150 pound person’s water needs: 150/2=75 ounces per day, then divide by 8 to convert into cups:  75/8 = approximately 9.5 cups per day. 
Adapted from “Can You Drink Too Much Water?” by Theresa Stahl, RD, LDN (www.qualityhealth.com) 

From the WISH Center
By:  Alice Summerlin
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