Helpful Links

April 23: 
1. Watch video and take notes: Box Plots-LearnZillion
2. Play game: Gate

April 16:
1. Watch video and take notes: Measures of Central Tendancy
2. Answer questions on link on left side of same page

March 12:
1. Watch video and take notes: Volume with fractional measurements
2. Answer questions with link on left side of same page

March 5:
1. Watch video and take notes: Find area of combined figures
2. Answer questions: Area of composite shapes

February 26:
1.  Watch video and take notes: Find the area of a right triangle
2. Answer questions: Area of Right Triangles

February 19:
1. Watch video and take notes: Convert Measurement Units with a Ratio Table
2. Play game: Match Metric Length

February 12:
1. Watch video and take notes: Percent Video
2. Play game: Balloon Invanders

February 5: 
1. Complete Lesson portion and one other option on the top tabs: 
Unit Rates Lesson

January 29:
1. Watch video and take notes: 

Graph ratios using a table | LearnZillion

2. Complete the activity Ratio Tables

January 22:
1. Watch Video and take notes: Ratios Introduction
2. Play game: Ratio Rumble

December 18:
1. Watch Video and take notes: Multiplication and division Equations
2. Play game: Algebra Meltdown

December 11:
1. Watch video and take notes: 

Solve addition and subtraction problems: using 1-step equations | LearnZillion

2. Play Game: Basketball one step equations

December 4:
1. Watch video and take notes: Math Antics: What is Algebra?
2. Play: Walk the Plank

November 27:
1.  Math Spy Guys Activity


November 20:
1. Watch video multiplying decimals: Multiply decimals | LearnZillion
2. Play game: Speed Racing Decimal Multiplication


November 13: 1. Watch Video Twice: Adding and Subtracting Decimals Song
     2. Play Hungry Puppies several times

October 30: Dividing whole numbers (watch the videos and do the practice problem)
Practice Division with Manipulatives (Practice with two example problems)
October 23: Absolute Value Comparison
October 12: Khan Academy Negative Numbers
     MathMan Integers on a Number Line
October 9: Simplify Variable Expression
October 2: Algebraic Expression Game

Common Core Standards:
This is the math curriculum for not only North Carolina students but also the majority of the states in the USA. If you have a child in another grade you can also find their curricula on the links to the left of the screen.
5th grade math all topics
Area, Surface Area, and Volume

Coordinate Grid

Decimal Operations





Factors and Multiples

Fraction Operations





Problem solving games

This site contains excellent multi-step problems for students to solve then they can check their answers as a teacher explains and shows how the problem can be solved.




Basic Facts

Race the clock as you practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.


Math baseball

You are given a math problem, enter the answer to the problem and hit the "Swing" button. If you are right you get a hit, if wrong an out. Great game for one or two players.


Place Value


Large selection of whole number place value games


Practice whole number place value as well as rounding skills.


Practice decimal place value by battling pirates.


Practice ordering decimals by shooting asteroids that have the largest or smallest decimal.


Choose from a variety of decimal games.



Choose from a variety of addition games.




Choose from a variety of subtraction games.




Choose from a variety of multiplication games.




Choose from a variety of division games.




Choose from a variety of algebra games.


Data and Graphing


Choose from a variety of data and graphing activities.


Create a Graph

Students start with a set of data (a newspaper would be a good source for this) then decide a type of graph that best fits the data to construct a printable graph.





Choose from a variety of data a graphing activities.




Angles-Banana Hunt. Help feed monkeys by locating where the bananas are located using estimating of angles.

Choose from a variety of geometry activities



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