Math Syllabus

6th Grade Math Syllabus

  1. Mr. Matthew Soper

6th Grade



Telephone: 919-658-7320

Parent conference availability: 9:30-10:30 AM, daily, other times by appointment.

Tutoring and make up work opportunities: Wednesday 3:00-3:45 PM, must have a scheduled appointment with parent permission.

II.   Course Description:

The major skills taught in 6th grade math include:

  1. Connect ratio and rate to multiplication and division

  2. Divide fractions

  3. Extend understanding of numbers to include negative numbers

  4. Write, interpret, and use expressions and equations

  5. Develop an understanding of statistics (median, mean, measures of variability)

  6. Determine area, surface area, and volume

III. Course Standards:

The five strands taught in 6th grade math include:

  1. Ratios and Proportional Relationships

  2. The Number System

  3. Expressions and Equations

  4. Geometry

  5. Statistics and Probability

IV. Materials Required:

Students should come to class prepared and ready to learn each day. Each student will
need to have their binder, marble notebook (interactive student notebook), notebook
paper, pencil, and any other classwork, materials and notes.

V. Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Expectation #1 - Be Responsible
         1. Take responsibility for your actions
           2. Be to class on time.
Expectation #2 - Be Prepared
           1. Have all necessary materials with you
Expectation #3 - Show Respect
        1. Follow adult direction
        2. Use polite language
3. Remain quiet while others are speaking                
Expectation 4 - Always Do Your Best
1. Be Engaged
        2. Participate
3. If you do not know - ASK

VI. Grading Scale/Practices:

Students will be graded using a total points scale.  This means that each assignment
(homework, test, quizzes, and class work) will be worth 100 points and a final average
will be calculated by adding all points and dividing by the total number of assignments.

VII. Final Grade Percentages:

90-100    A
        80-89      B
        70-79      C
        60-69      D
        Below 60 F

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