Tri-fold > Create a tri-folded brochure/pamphlet on a related topic.  This can be a large poster size or smaller (8.5 x 11) cardstock.

Book Report > Choose a book (fiction or non-fiction) on a related topic.  The book must be approved by your teacher.  There are a variety of book report templates available.  You may be creative with your presentation of the book.  The report must include a summary and an explanation of how the book is related to our current topic.


Time Line > Create an accurate time line of events related to our current unit. Display this information neatly and creatively on a large piece of paper. 

Power Point/ Movie Maker Presentation > Create a multi-media presentation on our current unit.  Information must be accurate and references/resources must be documented.  Present this project to your class.


Thinking Maps Poster > Represent a topic from our current unit using all of eight of the thinking maps. 

Foldable > Create a foldable to represent a topic from our current unit. 

Collage > Cover the page with pictures that relate to our current topic of study (i.e. American Revolution or Civil Rights).


Interview > Develop questions and interview someone involved in our current unit of study. (i.e. a veteran of a war, someone who experienced segregation, or a government official) Write down the questions and answers to turn in to the teacher. OR Develop questions and answer them the way a person of history might have answered them. (i.e. a soldier from the American Revolution or one of our founding fathers)

Role Play > Dress up as a character in history and present information about that person to the class.

Game Board > Design a game to review current unit.  Game must include rules, game board, and game pieces.

Free Space

If you have an idea for a project other than those listed on this board, present that idea to your teacher for approval.

Body Kinesthetic

Model > Create a three dimensional visual display of something related to our current unit.  (i.e. relief map of North Carolina’s elevations, battlefield diorama, or model of the Wright flyer.)

Mask > Create a mask that represents one of North Carolina’s Native American groups.  Explain the significance of the mask to the region or tribe.


Song/Jingle > Create a song and perform in front of the class.  The song can be an original work or changing the words to relate to current unit of study.

Poem > Write a poem to relate the details of an event in history or describe a person related to our current unit.  Present the poem to your class.


Field Trip > Visit a historical site or state park.  Provide evidence of your visit such as a signed brochure or time stamped photos.  On a poster display information about this site and how it relates to our current unit.

Collections > Present a collection of items that are historical, economic, cultural, geographic, or political and are related to our current unit of study.  (i.e. arrowheads, currency, or plant life)


Current Events > Present to your class a current event (newspaper or magazine article) and explain how it is related to your current unit of study.

Map > Make a poster-sized map of North Carolina displaying information related to our current unit. (i.e. battlefield map, product map, or transportation map)

project choice

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