Follow this rubrics to achieve the score you desire.



1. Neatness
Overall project is very neat.
Overall project is in a satisfactory condition.
Overall project is in a below satisfactory condition.
Overall project shows lack of neatness.
2. Meeting
All directions are followed regional concepts and meanings are expressed.
One or two directions omitted and/or project somewhat meets criteria.
Three or four directions omitted.
Overall project shows lack of meeting criteria.
3. Demonstrated
Knowledge of
art concepts
Completely understood the objective of 21stof traditional colors and/or textures.
Meets the requirements with some extra effort.
Little or very little understanding of what the objective was.
Does not meet the requirements.
4. Creativity
The project is very creative and original.
The project is creative.
The project is somewhat creative.
The project lacks creativity.
5. Details understanding of African characteristics; elongated features, animal features, geometric shapes, exaggerated features.
Expresses and conveys and understanding of the objectives.
Meets the requirements of the objective with some demonstrated understanding.
project conveys little of the requirements and has limited expression of understanding.
No evidence of comprehension of objectives.



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