ISS Guidelines for Success

Once students are referred to ISS, they must read and sign the following:

Student's Covenant

1.      I will enter ISS under control and maintain a pleasant/positive attitude. After all, MY actions caused me to be placed here.

2.      I will not communicate with others by any means, to include talking, nodding my head, hand signals, lip movements, smiling, or any type of body language.

3.      I will not make noises of any kind including stretching, yawning out loud, humming, unnecessarily tearing paper, tapping fingers, pencils, pens on the desk.

4.      I will raise my hand to be recognized before I speak.  I will not ask questions about anything except about my work or request to go to the bathroom, (EMERGENCIES ONLY).

5.      I will not bring food, gum, candy, beverages or toys of any type to ISS.  

6.      I will sit up straight in my chair facing forward with my feet on the floor in front of me at all times.  I will not lean back or tilt the chair on its’ back legs, because doing so is unsafe and in addition, I might break the chair.

7.      I will not leave my seat for any reason other than an emergency or after I have been directed to do so by the ISS Teacher in-charge. 

8.      I will bring to ISS a pencil, pen, paper, books, and any other materials I need to complete my assignments.

9.      I will complete all assignments including those given to me by the ISS Teacher.  Failure to do so could keep me in ISS longer, or result in Out-of-School Suspension.

10.   I will not write on the desk or the chair.

11.   I will learn to listen, keep myself busy, and obey all the rules or I will be directed to rewrite from this sheet.

12.   I understand that while I am in ISS, I cannot participate in nor attend any after school functions, such as school dances, sporting events; to includes practices, etc.

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