Infractions/Misbehavior that Qualify a Student for ISS

Infractions/behavior which results in ISS          

(This list is not all inclusive)

1. Fighting
2. Classroom disruptions
3. Disrespect/defiance to authority
4. Repeated tardiness to school or to class
5. Skipping class or after school detention
6. Repeated dress code violations
7. Throwing objects
8. 2nd infraction of Unauthorized use of electronic devices (cell phone, games)
9. Use of profanity
10.  Physical confrontation
11.  Damage to school property
12.  Inappropriate touching
13.  Simple Assault
14.  Insubordination
15.  Bus violation
16.  Possession of obscene materials
17.  Communicating a threat
18. Leaving the classroom without permission
19.  Unauthorized food/drink
20.  Skipping school
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