What is In-School Suspension (ISS)

What is ISS?

In-School Suspension (ISS) is an in-house program to which a student may be assigned for a short period of time in lieu of out-of-school suspension (OSS). ISS is a less-restrictive alternative to sending students home, and it permits better supervision of students while they are in ISS, somewhat like a detention hall.  It is designed to counteract many of the negative effects of suspension. ISS is a behavior reduction technique with which a student is removed from his/her classroom and required to work in an environment with minimum priviledges. Instructional time can continue without interruption and special academic help can be provided as needed. Counseling services for students experiencing personal, academic, or behavioral difficulties can result in behavioral changes such as an improved self-image and greater self-discipline. The ISS program is an important element of the overall dropout prevention strategy for effectively addressing our at-risk and disruptive students.  

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