5th Grade Syllabus

Art Syllabus for 5th Grade 2017-2018

Karen Helms- Art Teacher 

919-658-7320, email: karenhelms@wcps.org

 Available during the hours of 10:40- 11:40AM and 3:15- 3:30PM.  Also, information is available at the school’s website.  Go to www.waynecountyschools.org  Go to the       Mt. Olive website and click on instructors.

5th Grade class time:  1:47-3:00PM         


The Mt. Olive Middle School 5h Grade Art Education Program this year is an introductory course for two grading periods. The projects include art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetic critiques. The fifth grade course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to continue to develop a foundation of varied art terminology, art skills, techniques, concepts, higher-level thinking and problem solving skills.  Also, the students will produce, discuss, and write about their own art and/or that of other artists. The students will create art for the purpose of developing and expressing ideas, exploring imaginative and symbolic ideas, exploring a variety of media and techniques.

NC Standards for visual art requires students to do the following:

  • Understand how to use various tools, processes, and techniques to communicate their ideas in original artworks
  • Apply numerous problem-solving and critical thinking skills to solve artistic problems in original ways
  • Create art that connects with concepts or learning from other subject areas, or in the style of a specific art period or artist.
  • Analyze and evaluate their work as part of the art-making process.

Students will develop their knowledge in the following areas:

ELEMENTS OF ART- Line, Shape, Space, Value, Color Texture, Form

ART HISTORY-  Recognizing (Art Periods, Art Styles, Artists, Works of Art)

ART CRITICISM:                             AESTHETICS:

Describing                                            Questioning

Analyzing                                             Articulating

Interpreting                                          Judging

ART PROJECTS: Each rotation focuses on one or two areas, but not all areas listed.

Drawing       Painting       Printmaking       Sculpture       Three dimensional projects

                               County Fair Artwork       Pickle Festival Artwork

Bring required materials daily a pencil(one that can be sharpened in the pencil sharpener!!!) and an eraser is all that is required for 5th grade students to bring to class.

• Remain on task throughout each class period.

• Turn in all class assignments on time.  

• Make up all class work missed due to absences.

**Follow the PBS rules that are in place at Mt. Olive Middle School.  The behavior expectations and consequences for not meeting the expectations of the Positive Behavior System are in place at Mt. Olive Middle School.

 *Come to Art with a Positive attitude for learning

*Always give their best effort

Students receive a numerical grade for each of the following:

  • weekly progress grade on work for the week- counts once
  • each project grade –counts three times 
  • test- counts once

The project grade is determined by the level of skill the student reaches, the creativity exhibited, quality of work, and how the requirements of the project were met.

Students have multiple opportunities to complete their assignments.

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