Strickland, Nana/Science

Science Syllabus

I. 8th Grade Science 
II. Mrs. Nana Strickland
Phone: 919-658-7320
Parent conference availability: 2:00-2:30. Monday - Thursday
Tutoring & make up work opportunities: Wednesday 3:15-4:30(except early dismissal days)
Class Description: The 8th grade Science program includes goals and objectives from Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences with focuses on freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, the geologic time line, and the periodic table of elements.
IV. 8th Grade Science
Goals as determined by NC Standard Course of Study The Nature of Science, Science as Inquiry, Science and Technology, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives are the goals covered in 8th grade.
V. Required Materials
Students must bring workbooks , pencils, paper and assignments to class each day.
VI. Weekly Assignments
Students can expect to have homework 2 to 3 nights per week while having tests at the end of each chapter. Question of the day questions will be collected and graded every four weeks. Projects will be assigned periodically.
VII. Grading Scale
90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D Below 60 F
VIII. Grading Procedure Students will be graded using a total points scale. This means that each assignment (homework, test, quizzes, and class work) will be worth 100 points and a final average will be calculated by adding all points and dividing by the total number of assignments.
IX. Suggested Resources Textbooks, Library, Internet, Public Library
X. Class Expectations Students will be held to PBIS Expectations, Rules, and Consequences. Charger Bucks, homework passes, verbal praise, and small treats will be used for rewards.
XI. PBIS Expectations School Wide Expectations
Expectation #1 - Be Responsible
1. Keep up with your Charger Bucks
2. Take responsibility for your action
3. Be to class on time.
Expectation #2 - Be Prepared
1. Have all necessary materials with you
Expectation #3 - Show Respect
1. Follow adult direction
2. Use polite language
3. Remain quiet while others are speaking
Expectation 4 - Always Do Your Best
1. Be Engaged
2. Participate
3. If you do not know - ASK
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